My name is Nofar Biran and I am the Founder and Designer of Bun Bun Corp. My journey into the luxury baby product world started at a very young age. As a kid, I was obsessed with styling, designing, and creating my own fashion. I would often remake my Barbie doll’s clothes and hair to make sure that they were at their best for their parties.  When I grew a bit older I replaced the makeovers on Barbie to makeovers on my friends, repurposing old clothes to make them more fashionable for my peers.  In fact, during high school my major was in fashion design and I continued those studies in college. 

During the last ten years I became a mother to two amazing children and grew very frustrated that I could never find quality baby products for my children or my family and friends.  And that's when I got the idea to create Bun Bun Corp: A company solely focused on creating luxury items for babies. The company name “Bun Bun”  comes from my daughter Emma. The phrase was her first words! Instead of saying dada or mama she simply said “Bun Bun,” over and over again and the name stuck.  Bun Bun then became the name of her emotional support stuffed animal which she’s carried from birth to present and still cannot sleep without.  When Emma was younger and started to go to a daycare she refused to leave the  house without her Bun Bun. As the years wore on, Bun Bun needed to be fixed, glued, sewn, and replaced over a dozen times.  All of the repair work made me realize that I wanted to create Baby Products that were high quality and durable and that could also provide babies with comfort.